Completely Clueless

What a completely vague statement, right? Well, sometimes that is exactly how I feel, completely and utterly clueless, about family, life, love, home, and anything else that can be added.

Okay, this is my first blog post, so I apologize ahead of time. There is a new love in my life and its name is PINTEREST, well, actually this is not so new but I like to call myself a “Pinterest Whore” .. can not get enough of the endless possibilities at my fingertips.

Anyway, so, I decided to start working on my personal boards, for example, What I want to try; Tomorrow’s dishes; Crafty Avenue; and DIY Gift Ideas.  Let me stop laughing here because those boards are booked and my mind is flying all over the place.  You see, when I get an idea, I just want to go .. and go .. and go.  Problem, lack of ____, insert adjective, noun, pronoun, etc. here.

Being new to just about everything, I wanted to start my garden now by sowing indoors. I saw this amazing idea to use plastic bottles as Self Watering Containers but I am already working on a “not sure what it is” crochet project which is supposed to be a pretty cool bag Easy Beginner crochet bag, while collecting old clothing for a future sewing project or to cut up for t-shirt yarn; found on pinterest.  I am sure you can see just how ADD I am?

With all of this going on in my mind, along with a large family and work, I am not alone. Just as much as Pinterest and blogs I have started to follow, I also found that I am not alone. There are so many others looking to fulfill a learning urge or to find a place all your own.  End result, I think I found a home in Pinterest.

Stay tuned, I will finish some of my awaiting adventures and will keep you all posted with the results.